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western light Wupatki.jpg
Wupatki Light study. 10x10"
Pines and weird light, oils, 24x48"
Wupatki to the Peaks, oils, 30x30"
Canyon de Chelly Sunset, 10x20"
Verde Valley with cottonwoods, oils, 12x24"
Wupatki to the Painted Desert, late day, oils, 20x24"
Canyon de Chelly big walls.jpg
Canyon de Chelly big walls, 24x30"
Pines with red light, oils, 24x36"
Buffalo with clouds copy.jpg
Buffalo Park with clouds and light.  Oils.  16x40" 
Claretcup cacti, oils, 24x24"
government prairie with tree copy.jpg
Government Prairie with pine, acrylics, 36X48"
Pines in motion
Pines in Motion. oils on canvas, 30x30". 
Pines and shadows.jpg
Pines and Light 30x40"

Water in the Southwest

Canyon along the river Waring copy.jpg
Colorado River in Grand Canyon, oils, 24x36"
Lower San Juan copy.jpg
San Juan River, lower end, oils, study. 12x12"
San Juan water copy.jpg
San Juan River, late day, oils, 36x48"
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