Large Paintings

Sunset from Canyon de Chelly.jpg

Sunset from Canyon de Chelly, 10x20", oils, $525.  Phoenix Art Gallery

Peaks from Wupatki 2022

Peaks from Wupatki.  oils on canvas, 30x30".  $2,100.  Phoenix Art Gallery

Ghost Ranch w late light_edited.jpg

Ghost Ranch at late light.  16x40", oils on canvas.  $2,500.  Late for the Train/Flagstaff

Wupatki to the Painted Desert.jpg

The Painted Desert from Wupatki.  oils on canvas, 36x48".  $3,200.  Late for the Train/Flagstaff

Monument Valley.  Oils on canvas, 16x40". $2,600 .  Late for the Train/Flagstaff 
escalante painting 002.jpg
Escalante and Navajo Mountain. Oils on canvas, 36x48".  $3,200.  WaringArts Studio
Vermillion cliffs, late day.jpg
Vermillion Cliffs from Cliffdwellers, AZ.  Oils on canvas, 15x35".  $2,200.  Late for the Train/Flagstaff
Wupatki with clouds 2022.jpg
Wupatki with clouds.  Oils on canvas, 36x48".  $2,800.   Late for the Train/Flagstaff
Sonoran Desert in Blue.jpg
Sonoran Desert in Blue, 2020. Oils on canvas, 16x40".  $3,150  Late for the Train/Flagstaff

Little Paintings