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South to Monument Valley 2023.jpg

Looking South towards Monument Valley, San Juan Series, 2023, oils on canvas, study, 10x10", $525. WaringArts Gallery. Part of the San Juan Series/2023...
I headed out for southern Utah in early live in the dirt and see and paint.  This year there were great clouds...and in June!  Larger version available!

Gwendolyn Waring has been in the western United States f

for more than 50 years, after traveling the world as a child.

Discovering a love for ecology shaped Gwen's sense of

the world around her. Studying ecology gave her the

confidence to paint—to begin to see through

another medium.

Gwen paints landscapes with oil paints, after having

explored other mediums, including paper-making,

watercolors, pastels, and acrylics. She has found that oils

work really well in the arid west, and of course,

they are quite lush. 

Waring is also a writer of natural history.

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